How beginners can make money online without investment for free? The answer is simple, By working Online! Working Online is the best way for students, housewives, and beginners to make money online and generate passive income in 2022.

Most people ask the questions like, From where and how to start? What skills are required to make money online? And many related questions. In this article, all these questions are answered! And I am providing a list of all possible ways for students, housewives, job seekers, and beginners can make money online for free.

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11 Best ways of how Beginners make money online


There are numerous ways for students, housewives, and jobseekers as a beginner to make money online these days, but we shall be focusing on the easiest and best ways from which beginners can make money online without investment for free from home.

Let’s discuss one by one and try to explore each possibility to make money online!

1) Blogging

The best and smartest way to make money online in 2022 is to start blogging. Blogging requires some basic skills to start, and you can easily make money online even as a total beginner by establishing a blog by yourself.

There are no caps on the income that can be generated from blogging. Bloggers can make thousands of dollars per month if they succeeded to build an audience for their niche.

Now there are two basic questions, How to start the Blog? And How we can make money online from blogging? Let’s answer these questions.

How to Start the Blog

If you do not want to spend any money on the blog in the beginning, then you shall start blogging with free platforms like Blogger (free blogging platform by Google to start your blog), Medium, WordPress, Wix, or even LinkedIn or Tumblr.

If you have some money to spend to get your own domain and hosting, I strongly recommend you to have a domain and hosting from the most reputable and best hosting provider like Hostinger for your own blog.

The steps are very simple to build your WordPress blog website, there are many online tutorials to guide you through the process. Hostinger even has an exciting offer for WordPress hosting and blogs.

You will have many advantages of having your own blog, and you can increase your income easily by the methods explained below in how to make money online from blogging.

How to make money online from Blogging

There are many ways to make money online as a beginner from blogging. All you need to do is to focus on the content of your blog and once you have good content and articles on your website you can start making money from it.

You can always monetize your blog for advertisements from Google AdSense, Ezoic, PropellerAds, and Infolinks. There are hundreds of advertising platforms that monetize blogs for ads, and you can make good money per month from monetizing your blog.

Affiliate marketing is also an effective way of making money online from blogging. You can promote affiliate links on your blog and easily make money from affiliate programs and products by promoting the products on your blog.

There are many affiliate programs available like Amazon Associates or Affiliates where you can always register for free and start promoting the products that match your niche.

The other ways to generate income from blogging are paid reviews, Sponsored Posts, and membership plans for premium content.

2) Online Freelancing

Online Freelancing is the most popular way to earn money online for beginners. Especially after the COVID-19, freelancing is on a boom and more and more people are working as a freelancer. The idea is simple, convert your skill into services and sell it online.

How to Start Online Freelancing

Freelancing requires some skills. In order to start freelancing, you need to first identify the skills that you can convert into services or products and sell online. The best way is to analyze yourself and start creating a list of skills that you have and once you have the list, figure out the ones that have the potential to offer as a service to others.

For example, if you are good at project management, you may become a freelance engineer and can start offering your services as a freelance project manager. Work out the suitable packages and offers and start offering your freelance services online.

How to make money online from Freelancing

There are many online freelance platforms where you can sign up for free and start selling your services to thousands of buyers. The most popular online freelance platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.

There is no limit to the work and money you make from home by offering your freelance services or products on these platforms, and you can make money online without paying anything in advance to these platforms. Once you get the job, they will deduct their commission based on the policy from your order price.

If you have a good set of skills, you can also establish your portfolio website and start offering your services online directly to clients. The best thing about freelancing is that you can always start your own freelance business, or you can build your own brand as a freelancer.

You can also offer these services on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and you can easily find possible clients from these platforms.

Another way is to research on the internet and find companies and clients on search engines. Approach them via email or phone for possible work requirements that you can offer as a freelance service to those companies.

3) Write Articles

If you have writing skills, you can make some good income from writing articles and selling them online. The demand for online article writers is increasing, and the rewards are getting higher. You can make money online from home if you can produce content and write articles on some good topics and niches.

How to Write Articles

Writing an article initially requires some good language and writing skills. But once you start writing articles, you need to learn a few techniques to make it better for readers and search engines on the internet.

If you are writing an article for someone who has a direct audience and readers, then you don’t need to worry about SEO and other things. Just write good content, full of information and knowledge, and you are good to go.

But if it’s for commercial bloggers or someone who needs an SEO optimized article then starts by writing some interesting articles that attract the readers and once you are done with writing the article, concentrate on some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to appear in the search results.

A good article is not enough to get the views these days, and for organic traffic and reader from search results, you need to optimize your article for search engines. Basically, you need to find some Keywords that have the possibility to rank higher in search engines and then create and optimize the article for search engines and finally good content for readers.

You don’t need to worry about these things as you will learn these SEO techniques with time.

How to make money online from writing articles

There are so many ways of making money from home by writing and selling your articles.

You can offer the article writing services on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms for writing articles on your listed prices per article or per set of articles. There are so many people who hire article writers on Fiverr especially.

Another way is to search for blogs that hire article writers on a contract or monthly basis to produce content for their blogs. There are many blogs that outsource articles and post to freelance writers.

You can also write for publishers and newspapers. If you have good article writing skills then it is very easy to establish a permanent contract with newsletters, newspapers, and magazines as well.

Sell your articles on Adsy at your own price. You can sell your articles to regular buyers on Adsy. Adsy unites exceptional publishers and buyers to help them reach a new level of freelance business and greatness.

4) Write E-Books

E-books are digital online electronic books available for readers in digital form. After the availability of E-book readers like Kindle, the demand for E-books is on the rise and people are taking interest in reading the books on their electronic gadgets. This creates a wide opportunity for writers to publish the E-book and make money by selling them on digital platforms.

How to write an E-Book

Writing an e-book is very easy. You can even start writing on Microsoft Word or any other program. Just write a book and convert it to PDF or any other digital format you want, design a cover for the book, and you are all set to sell it on any digital platform.

Try to use visuals and good color combinations with a creative book cover to attract more readers.

Another easy way is to use Canva or Vistacreate to produce a beautiful e-book for absolutely free.

How to make money from E-Books

You can easily sell your books on Amazon Kindle, Fiverr, Payhip, Ecvid, Blurb, and many other online digital platforms.

You can also sell it on your own website by integrating digital products downloads and payment methods.

It is also possible to use some affiliate links in your E-Book to further generate some income from affiliate products.

5) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the method of marketing and selling 3rd party products online as referrals and affiliates. It is a very popular method among beginners and students to make money online these days. All you have to do is find the affiliate programs and products offered online by many companies.

Once you sign up as an affiliate with them, you will get the affiliate links. Now you need to promote those links online and if anybody purchases from your affiliate links and referrals you will earn a commission. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it’s a one-time effort, and you will have fruits for a lifetime.

Affiliate Marketing Process

How to find affiliate products

It’s one of the easiest work to do to find affiliate programs and products. You just type on Google or any other search engine, and you will have thousands of referral and affiliate programs in front of you. But not all of them offer beginners a chance to become an affiliate, and they have certain criteria to select you as an affiliate.

As a beginner, you don’t need to target those affiliate programs, rather focus on the programs that are easy to sign up for and promote. Check our list of best-selected affiliate programs.

My advice is to start with Amazon Affiliates and find some interesting products that you can market easily. Then sign up with some advertising platforms like Commission Conjunction, ClickBank, Digistore24, and ShareaSale. Find some affiliate offers on these platforms and start promoting them.

You can also find the best affiliate programs for beginners on our Affiliate Program page.

How to make money from affiliate marketing

As explained earlier, every time somebody purchases from your referral link, you will be earning commission from the sale.

It is not easy initially to convert the affiliate links into sales, but with a few smart techniques, you can achieve sales with time. To achieve that you need to increase your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Engage with your social network and connections, build your reputation and trust, and then start promoting the products on social media platforms to get the maximum number of target customers to sales.

Another method is to create sales funnels. Since most of the social media platforms do not allow pasting direct affiliate links, therefore we have to route the target customer through the sales funnel to the affiliate product page.

You must be wondering how to create a sales funnel? There is a very easy way, just sign up with, and you build up to 3 sales funnel free. If you have good sales, then you can buy an annual plan as well.

6) Online Courses

Similarly, to online tuition, you can also produce online courses in digital format. There is a lot of demand for online courses, and it is becoming a very attractive way of earning recurring money online. The idea is simple, design a complete course and offer it in digital format online.

To achieve the best results, you must create interactive and researched-based course content. You should create it using the right software and tools and share it with people in an eye-catching and exciting way.

How to make online courses

The most popular is by using a learning management system. If you have your own website, you can install an LMS system and create an online course.

But if you don’t have a website, you can have other options as well. You can record video lectures and convert them into full courses.

You can also use Adobe Captivate to make an online digital course and sell it online.

Hot to make money from online courses

You can sell your online courses on marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Thinkific, Ruzuku, and Teachable. There are many other platforms that offer to create and sell your online digital courses.

Alternatively, you build your own website with an LMS system and membership. Offer your courses at your own prices and packages.

You can also turn your courses into digital E-book and sell them on marketplaces.

7) Online Tuition

Online tuition is also a very attractive and effective way of making money online these days. Making money by teaching online is not new because of the Covid situation, online tuition is getting more popular. Earlier, many people used to teach students in groups at home, but now they provide online classes. This is an excellent way to earn money online for beginners.

How to Teach Online

You can offer online tuition in your free hours. If you have a laptop or a PC with internet, you are good to go. Just use Zoom, Google Meet, or any other online meeting software to connect with your students. If you have questions about the subjects, you can figure out the required answer yourself by analyzing your skills.

You can offer tuition for the subjects you have good knowledge of, if you are good at Mathematics to offer your services to students who want to learn Mathematics, or if you can teach Digital Marketing you can teach that online. All you need is to prepare a digital course with proper research and produce slides to make it interactive and visually appealing for your students.

Take advantage of Google Classroom and other similar online software to interact and produce assignments, take quizzes, and share your subject material content.

How to make money from Online Tuition

Start with offering your tuition to your social circle. You may easily find some within your relatives, colleagues, or your social network. Inform them about the tuition services you are providing, and you can easily find possible students within your circle.

Offer your services on Fiverr and other similar platforms. Workout your hourly prices for one on one or group tuition and offer them on Fiverr.

There are some good online tuition platforms where you can enroll like Tutor, Chegg, Skooli, and Tutorme. Register as a tutor on these platforms and offer your services on an hourly basis.

8) YouTube Channel

You can also make money online as a beginner from YouTube. If you know how to make videos, then it’s a good opportunity for everyone to make money from YouTube. These days everyone has a good quality camera on the mobile, you can utilize the mobile camera if you don’t have a DSLR or video camera.

Even you don’t need a camera to make videos for YouTube, just prepare some tutorials with screen recorders and upload them on YouTube on your channel.

There are numerous ideas on which you can make videos like landscape shooting, natural sceneries, and travel exploring etc. And if you don’t want to shoot, then you can screen record the “How To” tutorials, which are very popular on YouTube.

Start your own channel on YouTube and you will have an option of creator studio. Upload your videos with some good titles and descriptions and let the world watch your videos.

Hot to make videos for YouTube

You have a number of options to create videos for YouTube. If you have a good DSLR, shoot the videos on any topic that you want, and with some basic editing upload them on your YouTube channel.

You can also shoot videos with your mobile camera and edit them with any free video editing software and upload them on your YouTube channel.

The easiest way to make videos is to create Tutorials with screen recorders and step and step guides. You just need any free screen recorder Google Chrome Extension and you are all set to record the screen and your voice. Edit your videos and upload them to your YouTube channel.

How to make money from YouTube Channel

You can make money online by monetizing your YouTube channels. But YouTube has certain criteria before they monetize your channel. You have met the criteria of getting 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers before your channel is eligible for monetization.

It seems difficult at the start but if you have quality video, and you have used the right keyword and tags (SEO) in titles and descriptions, you shall complete this task in a month.

Once your channel is approved and monetized, you will start making money, and you will be paid based on the number of views and watch hours on a monthly basis from YouTube.

So many YouTubers are making thousands of dollars each month from YouTube.

9) Print on Demand

Print on demand is also a good opportunity for beginners and students to make money online. You literally don’t have to do anything for this to work. All you need to do is design some digital content like quotes, photos, or any other digital art and place it on Print on Demand platforms. This is again a one-time effort, and you will enjoy the income for a long period of time from recurring sales.

How to design digital content for print on demand

The easiest way to create digital content is by using Canva and Vistacreate. Use these platforms to generate an unlimited amount of digital assets like quotes, logos, photos, characters, and digital art. The user interface is very user-friendly, and any beginner can create digital content online using these sites.

If you know how to create digital content on photo editing software like photo manipulation, quotes, and digital art including cartoon characters and other types of digital media content, you can earn a lot of money from placing these assets on print on demand sites.

How to make money from print on demand

Once you create your digital assets now you need to sign up with print-on-demand platforms where you sell your designs to make money. Every time your content is selected to print on demand, you will earn your share of the total price.

You can sign up or create your own stores at these platforms like Redbubble, Etsy, Printful, Spreadshirt, Teepublic, TeeSpring, and many other platforms that offer print-on-demand services.

These platforms sell clothes, caps, and other accessories with any digital content selected to be printed on these items. You will get your commission or your price cut every time they print your selected design on these items.

10) Social Media Content

This is a potential area to make money online for beginners who understand social media platforms. All you need to do is create banners, posts, and content for social media platforms. There is a very demand for content creators for social media, and you can earn a good income from producing the content for social media users, groups, and companies pages on social media.

How to create content for Social Media

Again, you can use Canva and Vistacreate to produce content for social media platforms. There is another tool Invideo which can be used to produce videos for social media. You can create any type of post, banners, photos, and videos for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

If you know how to use photo editing and video editing software, you can also produce such content on software like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and similar software.

How to make money from social media content

People who run company pages and users who have monetized social media platforms often need to post regularly on social media platforms to keep in touch with their audience. You can easily find many people looking for content creators on these platforms. Get in touch with them and create content for them.

Another way is to look for small organizations that have little or no presence on social media. You can offer them to hire you as a social media manager to post content on behalf of them regularly. There are many organizations that hire freelancers to manage their social media.

You can also use Fiverr and similar freelance platforms to find such clients on a regular basis. Just offer your prices and packages on Fiverr and you can have many clients.

11) Templates

Designing different types of templates is also a money-making niche. You can create any type of template that you can develop. For example, if you know how to make a resume, you can create resume templates.

Other templates that you can create are Excel Sheets for daily cashflows, financial tracking, and so on, create any type of Excel template that people can use.

You can also create Proposals, PowerPoint presentation templates, Business Card Templates, Invoicing Templates, Letterheads, Brochures, Catalogs, Gantt Charts, Project Documents, Business Plan Templates, Website Templates, Wedding Cards, Restaurant Menus, etc. Create any template that you can within your skill and niche.

People also make website templates and make money online from selling the templates.

How to Design a Template

From the explanation above, you must have an idea of how you can create the templates. You can use any software that is related to your template. You can use MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for creating templates. Likewise, you can also create PDF templates.

You can also use any Photo Editing Software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign to create these templates.

The easiest way to create all such designs is to use Canva and Vistacreate. You can create thousands of templates and get ideas from these platforms.

How to make money from Templates

You can sell the templates on many online marketplaces and earn money every time somebody buys your template. The most famous marketplaces are Creative Market, Envato Market, Zazzle, Dribble, Theme forest, Design Cuts, and many other marketplaces.

Another very effective way to sell these items is approaching directly to small companies and customers. You need to do a little research on the internet and look for newly established companies, get their email address and offer them your templates.

Similarly, you can find restaurant menus online that need redesigning, and you can offer better design to restaurant owners. You can use the same strategy to find clients for your niche.

Finally, you can also sell these templates on your own website as well. You can save the commission charges of marketplaces if you can sell it on your own website.


As discussed in the article, there are many ways to make money online for beginners, students, and everyone who wants to earn money online as a side hustle or full-time income. The above-discussed ways to make money online are the most popular ones, especially for beginners. I recommend you to start with any one of them and slowly add more ways to earn money explained above. Wish you the best of luck, and I am sure with a little effort and hard work, you will make money with these methods.

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