Best Free Tools & Resources for Freelancers that increase Productivity

Best Free Tools For Freelancers
Tool SourceTool AddressTool Description
KrispWebsiteAI-powered app that removes background noise and echo from meetings
Mix KitWebsiteMusic for your videos
NCSWebsiteMusic for your videos
Pod CastleWebsiteConduct remote interviews, edit and enhance - online, fast, easy and fun
Spread SimpleWebsiteMusic for your videos
VB Audio BananaWebsiteSoftware for your computer to enhance the sound and Mic quality
VB Audio CablesWebsiteUtility for VB Audio Banana
Article GeneratorWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Article WriterWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
BlakifyWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Click FunnelsWebsiteFree Funnels for Affiliate Links
Co ScheduleWebsiteArtcile Headline Creator for Article Writers
CopyWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Copy ScapeWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Duplicate CheckerWebsitePlagiarism Dupliate Content Checker for Content Writers
EdubirdieWebsitePlagiarism Dupliate Content Checker for Content Writers
Ezine ArticlesWebsiteReference Articles for Article Writers
Hyper WriteWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
JarvisWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Neural TextWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Plagiarism CheckerWebsitePlagiarism Dupliate Content Checker for Content Writers
QuetextWebsitePlagiarism Dupliate Content Checker for Content Writers
RytrWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Text MetricsWebsiteAI Article Writing Tool for Artcle Writers
Auto DrawWebsiteAutomatically Draw a shape as we intent to from rough mouse sketching
Blush DesignsWebsiteFree Vectors, Photos and Assets
CanvaWebsiteCreate all sort of design for social media and presentations
Creator LibraryWebsiteFree Vectors, Photos and Assets
CrelloWebsiteFree graphic design tool to help you create impressive content in minutes.
Design EvoWebsiteCreate Custom Logos with DesignEvo Free Logo Maker
Design VectorWebsiteFree Vectors, Photos and Assets
EnvantoWebsiteCreate mockups, logos, social posts and videos in seconds
FG DesignersWebsiteFree Vectors, Photos and Assets
Flat IconWebsiteDownload free icons and stickers for your projects.
FlickrWebsiteStore your Photos and get a link to share
Font BriefWebsiteFree Fonts
FotorWebsiteFree to edit photos with Fotor's photo editor in just a few clicks.
Hex Color PediaFree Color Pallets
Icon Mega CreatorWebsiteFree Icons and Graphics
In VideoWebsiteVideo Editor and Content Creator Tool
InkScapeWebsiteSame like Adobe Illustrator. Create Vectors Easily
Is Graphics PatternsWebsiteFree Patterns
KritaWebsiteKrita is a professional FREE and open source painting program.
Lets EnhanceWebsitePhoto Editing Tool
Logo MakerWebsiteCreate Logo for your Business
MakeUp PhotoWebsitePhoto Editing Tool
Pattern IcoWebsiteFree Patterns
Pattern MonsterWebsiteFree Patterns
Pencil 2DWebsiteFree Drawing Tool
PFP MakerWebsiteMake an awesome profile picture from any photo
PhotoPeaWebsiteSame like Adobe Photoshop. Free Online Photo Editing Software
Remove BackgroundWebsiteRemove backgrounds free from your photos
RepperWebsiteMake beautiful geometric patterns seamlessly
SVG RepoWebsiteFree Icons and Vectors
Use ModifyWebsiteFree Photos
WordArtWebsiteFree Font Art Creator Tool
Slides CarnivalWebsitePower Point Presentations
123 AppsWebsiteUtilities for Video, Audio, Photos, text, Audio/Video Converter & PDF Edits
App SumoWebsiteVarious Applications
Briana SoftWebsiteIntelligent personal assistant, automation and voice recognition software
Business Name GeneratorWebsiteGenerate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence
Click UpWebsiteAll of your work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more
Good BriefWebsiteA random generator for design briefs.
LovoWebsiteNext-generation AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform
MurfWebsiteNext-generation AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform
SejdaWebsiteFree Online PDF Editor
Text To SpeechWebsiteNext-generation AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform
Well SaidWebsiteNext-generation AI Voiceover & Text to Speech Platform
Word TuneWebsiteAI-powered Writing Companion
BlenderWebsiteFree Animation Software
Davinci ResolveWebsiteFreemium Video Editor
Film BodegaWebsiteFree templates, video elements, sound effects, and digital assets
FX HomeWebsiteFree Video Editor
Hand BrakeWebsiteConvert video from nearly any format
KdenliveWebsiteFree, Open Source Video Editor
NCH SoftwareWebsiteFree, Open Source Video Editor
OBS StudioWebsiteFree and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
OpenshotWebsiteFree, Open Source Video Editor
ShotcutWebsiteShotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
Tech SmithFree, Open Source Video Editor
Video WebsiteCreate Videos with AI
Video SoftWebsiteFreemium Video Editor
VnoydWebsiteEasily create professional animated videos for all industries
Any ConversionWebsiteConvert PSD Web design to HTML
Cloud FlareWebsiteHosting Platform for websites
Code BeautifyWebsiteBest Coding Resources
Code CanyonWebsiteBest Coding Resources
Code PenWebsiteBest Coding Resources
DzoneWebsiteBest Coding Resources
EmexeeWebsiteCollection of Themes for
KandiWebsiteFind, review, and download reusable Libraries, Code Snippets, Cloud APIs
Oracle CloudWebsiteFree Hosting Platform for websites
W3 SchoolWebsiteW3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Tutorials, references, and examples.
WebPage TestWebsiteTest your webpage speed
XML SitemapsWebsiteCreate XML Sitemaps of your website for search engines
Down SubWebsiteDownload Subtitles from Youtube Videos
Youtube SubtitlesWebsiteDownload Subtitles from Youtube Videos
Youtube Tags WebsiteDownload Tags from Youtube Videos