Using Google Chrome Extensions is a truly amazing way to increase productivity in a daily workflow. The function of these extensions is to reduce the workflow and provide shortcuts to lengthy tasks to increase productivity. There are some truly incredible chrome extensions available that are absolutely free to download. You can use them on daily basis to get the job done easily and efficiently.

There are hundreds and thousands of Google Chrome extensions available for download at the Google Chrome Web store. But not all of them are worth downloading. If you are looking for some good and must-have chrome extensions to increase productivity, then try the recommended extensions in this article.

Free Google Chrome Extensions

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Top must have Google Chrome Extensions

1. Notion Web Clipper (Productivity Chrome Extension)

Notion Web Clipper is the best note-keeping google chrome extension.

It directly integrates into the Notion application. Once logged in to your Notion account you can easily keep any website or page in your Notion workspace.

Notion Web Clipper

2. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder (Multiuse Google Chrome Extension)

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder saves a lot of time when we need to record the screen or take a screenshot.

There are lots of options to record or snapshot the screen including, Desktop, Tabs, and webcam including microphone.

Awesome Screen Recorder

3. Google Scholar Button (Research Chrome Extension)

One of my personal favorite Google Chrome Extensions is Google Scholar Button. It saves a lot of time when I need to research a particular topic.

If you are a student or a content writer a must-have extension for you.

Google Scholar Button

4. Image Downloader (Image Downloading Chrome Extension)

Image Downloader is one of the best batch image downloading Chrome Extension.

If you want to save time by saving one by one image on a certain page then Image Downloader is a very handy extension to download all the pictures with one click.

Image Downloader

5. Picture-in-Picture Extension (Chrome Extension by Google)

If you are working and watching videos at the same time (that happens a lot) then Picture-in-Picture Chrome Extension is the best solution.

Work without switching the tabs and we can work as watching the video as well.

6. ColorZilla (Color Picker Chrome Extension)

When we are working on certain projects and need ideas for color themes then some inspirations from others’ web pages are very handy.

Colorzilla picks up a color from any web page and copies the color code on the clipboard in no time.


7. Mercury Reader (Productivity Chrome Extension)

It removes distraction from the web page and allows us to focus on text and images.

A perfect Google Chrome Extension for clean reading.

Mercury Reader

8. LastPass (Password Manager Chrome Extension)

It’s really hard to remember hundreds of passwords. There are so many passwords to remember and LastPass is the perfect Google Chrome Extension to save these passwords.

It’s completely free and secure to save passwords.


9. Wordtune (AI Writing Chrome Extension)

It is one of the best artificial intelligence writing Tool. When writing an email or letter it helps us with good suggestions.


10. Hunter (Email Finder Chrome Extension)

Sometimes it is difficult to find contact information on the websites. Hunter finds all the information that includes email and contact details along with social media information if available on websites.


11. Unsplash (Photos Chrome Extension)

If you are looking for free and copyright-free images then use Unsplash to search for a photo.


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