Start learning new and best freelancing skills to earn money that can be your full-time income or a passive income. You can earn a good amount of money with easy online freelancing skills, but it all depends on how much time you dedicate to learning the new skills and refining them to increase your income.

Easy Online Freelancing Skills To Make Money Online

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What Online Freelancing Skills To Learn

The very first question that arises is, “What Online Freelance Skills shall we learn?” This is the most common question been asked by beginners, which online freelance skills are in demand and easy to learn. Which one shall we focus to learn that can produce an income stream?

This is a very tricky question to answer, but an easy one, if you ask the same question to yourself. Analyze your abilities, experience, and your existing skills to find a related skill set that you can enjoy learning.

In this ever-changing world, there are hundreds and thousands of skills we can learn, but we shall be focusing on the best freelancing skills to earn money.

Most of you know how to use computers, mobiles, and other digital products, therefore, it is relatively easy for you to learn new online freelance skills using the same.

In the coming list, we shall discuss some in-demand easy and best freelancing skills that you can focus on learning in 2022 to make money online.

Best Easy Online Freelance Skills To Learn

The list is in order from Easy to Hard, and the time required to learn and refine them.

1- Virtual Assistant

This skill is a prevalent and easy freelancing skill to learn and earn money quickly. You do not require any previous experience, degrees, or skill set. Virtual assistants are very much in demand these days. You can find hundreds of requirements of virtual assistants on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

What are Virtual Assistants? “Virtual assistants are remote assistants who provide remote and online assistance to anyone who requires some routine tasks to be performed on a daily basis”. Same as assistants, virtual assistants perform routine tasks for busy people like checking emails, writing notes, and keeping schedules.

It does not require any high level of education or degree to become a good virtual assistant. All you need to learn is to take instructions and perform the routine task that you can understand in a few days.

I strongly recommend everyone to start an account on Fiverr and if you have good abilities you can start making money in no time. Signup on Fiverr and you can easily find the jobs of the virtual assistant.

Prerequisites for Skill: None

Recommended For: Students, Beginners, No Degree Holders

2- Online Data Entry Operator

To learn this easy online freelance skill, you don’t need to work very hard. If you are good at MS Office and know how to use Excel, you can easily earn money online from data entry jobs. Try to master some basic skills of data entry in Excel and you are ready to perform the task.

What is a Data Entry Operator? “Data Entry operators are the people who insert the manual data into the online and digital database”. The task is to enter the data manually into any database that can be an Excel sheet or any other type of data entry database.

If you want to master this skill, try to learn advanced data manipulation in Excel and learn how to enter the data in any database system. This skill shall produce enough money for your full-time income. You can also get full-time jobs if you are good at data entry and data manipulation.

Again to find clients use freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and many others. Once you furnish your skills, apply for a full-time job.

Prerequisites for Skill: Office and Excel

Recommended For: Students, Beginners, No Degree Holders

3- Online Content Writer

Content writing is a very popular, in-demand, and best online freelancing skill to earn money. If you have the ability to write a good article, then it’s a revenue-generating skill. Almost all freelancing platforms like Fiverr and social media platforms are full of jobs and requirements for content writers.

What is a Content Writer? “Content Writer is a person who writes an article or creates content for online publications on Blogs, Magazines, and Websites”. They are responsible to create content or write an article for a specific audience and niche.

To master this skill, you need to learn a basic of SEO (search engine optimization) because the articles should be SEO optimized. This is not a difficult task to write an SEO-optimized article. You need to learn how to use specific keywords in the article so that search engines consider it for search results when someone is requesting the information related to your article and keyword.

There is a significant demand for content writers to write for other blogs. You can make a lot of money from other blogs if you write articles for them. You can also write a guest post on some very good, reputable websites and earn money by submitting an article.

The best money-making platform for content writers is Adsy. This is a good platform to make money if you write and publish your article. I advise everyone who is interested in content writing to start their journey at Adsy because there should be a learning curve before you start converting this skill into a full-time job.

Once you submit a few good articles on Adsy, you shall start offering your services on Fiverr (there is a lot of demand for content writers on Fiverr) and once you are ready as a full-time content writer, start writing articles for yourself at your own blog or start writing for established platforms.

Prerequisites for Skill: English, Creative Writing, Research skills

Recommended For: Students, Beginners, No Degree Holders

4- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular online freelance skill and an effective way of earning passive income these days. The good thing is, that you do not need to spend too much time learning this skill. It’s just a few basic things you need to understand, and you are all set to go.

What is Affiliate Marketing? “Affiliate marketing, in a simple form, is promoting and selling third party products online by marketing efforts”. It comes under the domain of Digital Marketing as well.

The idea is to hunt the products that you can promote online and redirect the buyer to the seller’s website by promoting the affiliate links on the internet. Each time to make a sale, you will earn a commission based on the purchases.

There is no limit to how much you can earn from Affiliate marketing, it totally depends on your efforts and strategy to promote, and you can earn a good amount at the end of the month.

The Best affiliate marketing is by promoting Amazon products or Digital products like SASS offers. Every time somebody purchases your referred product, you will earn a commission. The onetime effort pays off for years to come.

Prerequisites for Skill: Research skills, Internet

Recommended For: Everyone, Students, Beginners, No Degree Holders

5- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best freelancing skills to earn passive income. The idea is simple, you need to promote businesses and products on social media platforms. It is a kind of affiliate marketing but a little different in technique and strategy.

Since you cannot directly promote by pasting affiliate links on social media platforms. First, you need to build an audience by interactions and then offer solutions to their problems with your affiliate products.

Also, many small organizations don’t have the resources and time to manage their social media profiles and activities, which is an opportunity to tap those clients and maintain their social media profiles. And in reward, you can earn a good online income on a contract basis.

If you have a good audience, and you know how to engage the audience in social media, you can generate a lot of passive income with the right strategy. If you have a good number of followers, and you can create content, you can also monetize those profiles in social media and make money online.

Prerequisites for Skill: Social Media Profiles, Good No. of Followers

Recommended For: Everyone, Students, Beginners, No Degree Holders

6- Online Tuitions

All students and graduates can learn the freelance skill of giving tuition and offering online tuition services. This is another good idea to generate passive income and earn money online. You need to learn how to use online video conferencing programs.

You can also use online platforms like Preply (you can offer any language tuition on Preply) to offer online tuition services.

The above-discussed are very easy skills that can be learned easily by everyone without any prior knowledge or skill and investment.

There are many other associated skills that you can learn and master, especially when you start freelancing, you can also learn How to Build a personal brand as a freelancer or start your own Freelance Business.


There, we conclude our list of best freelancing skills to earn money online and generate passive income. To start with, it is a good idea for beginners to choose any single or a combination of skills to start making money online. You can always accelerate and decide on multiple strategies to make money in Digital World.

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